1-Year-Old Baby Found Wandering Around Drunk in Houston Parking Lot

October 5, 2015

The more I try to wrap my mind around the idea that a 1-year-old baby girl was wandering around a parking lot drunk from drinking the toxic alcoholic beverage Four Loko, the more I find it hard to believe.

But, according to ABC 13, a Houston mother has been charged with felony endangering a child after police say they found her and her 1-year-old both drunk.

The 1-year-old baby girl, who was spotted by a neighbor, was said to be stumbling and falling down near the parking lot. The neighbor told police she brought the baby inside her home and tried to sit her down, but she (the baby) kept falling over and laughing. It was later determined that the baby was illegally intoxicated with a blood alcohol content of .09.

Even more disturbing, the mother's 4-month-old daughter was also found… hanging upside-down off the bed, tangled with sheets around her waist. She was turning blue, officials said.