17-Year-Old Chani Christie is “Down” with Love “Lyrics and Lipstick”

October 5, 2015

Chantel “Chani” Christie, the daughter of Jackie and former NBA star Doug Christie, briefly chatted with soulfulbeauty.com about her latest album “Lyrics and Lipstick,” her inspirations and biggest challenges growing up, and some of her upcoming projects.

“Lyrics and Lipstick,” which hit shelves Feb. 14, is Christie's second album. When asked about her catchy album title, and who inspires her musically, Christie says:

“It was derived by all the things that are currently going on in my life; the red carpet appearances, and following my dream. It's the evolution of me living my dream…. My biggest inspiration, I would have to say is Aalyiah.”

“I just feel like there are several artists out today that don't represent the same classic and timeless qualities as Aalyiah did,” she explained. “Aalyiah was a total package. Most of her music can still be played today, and is still relevant, and that inspires me.”

Songs from “Lyrics & Lipstick” by Chani by XoChani

Besides being a recording artist, Christie also has a strong desire to give back to the community, which she does through her foundation, “The Chani Girl Foundation.”

When asked what motivates her to give back Christie says:

“I've always had the passion to give back to people and help people who are not as privileged…. And while my foundation supports all people less fortunate, it is primarily focused on helping the youth. I believe that young people relate to people in there own peer group, and don't always want to involve the older community,” she explained. “I also feel like we are the next generation, and we need each others support.”

Not only does Christie keep herself busy recording music, and running her own foundation, Christie is also an award winning author, model, actress, and United States youth ambassador for HIV/ AIDS awareness. However, being only seventeen, and still homeschooling, Christie says she had to overcome a lot of barriers becoming who she is today.

One of her biggest challenges she says, was being able to “cope with the criticism, and the expectations that people had.”

“Some of the critism can be difficult. I started modeling when I was 3-years-old, and I had to build up a barrier. I was always told I needed to lose weight, I dressed too old, etc., and it was a lot of pressure with everyone expecting me to be perfect. But, I was able to overcome it,” she explained. “If I'm respecting myself, then that's all that matters.”

When asked if her parents supports her career, Christie says:

“Yes, they are extremely supportive. They got me started when I was 3-years-old, and have always been there for me. My mom is very supportive, she let's me express myself and just be me.”

As a best selling author of  “I Want to Live: A Teenagers Guide to Finding Self Love,” Christie has had much success. She's currently following in her mother, Jackie Christie's footsteps, and working on her second book, “A Girl Has to Look Good: A Beauty, Fashion and Lifestyle Guide.”

The book will focus on providing tips and tricks on all the things girls need to know about fashion, beauty, and how to save money shopping.

“It's educating young women to be beautiful inside and out, and even older women on how to be fly be fearless,” says Christie.

In addition, Christie says be on the lookout for her new fashion line, “Hot Young Jane.” The line will include, nail polish, lip gloss, and tee shirts, and should be coming out some time this summer.

For more on Chani Christie, visit her website at chantelchristie.com.