5 Ways To Perfectly Glam Up For A Party

October 5, 2015

5 Ways To Perfectly Glam Up For A Party

Are you going to a party? Then you sure want to look good. There could be a whole lot of reasons for that- whether to make your-self happy, impress someone, or simply for the fact that everyone is going to come dressed well. It takes you hours and sometimes days thinking what to wear to the party, but what makes it worse is, knowing that your crush is going to be there. You know that you just need to look good, whatever happens. Do you relate to this?

Here are 5 ways that can help you cool down and nail your party outfit!

1. Nail art

Nail Art has been gaining much popularity over the years. You can creatively use it to compliment any of your outfits and add up to your style. Many women hesitate or are scared to do nail art because they worry about spoiling their nails. But as long as you have acetone, a base coat and cuticle oil, there’s nothing to worry. Nail Art For All is a place you can become better at nail art. It is the world’s first mobile community for nail artists; here you can find over 5000 art photos and interact with different nail artists. This app is a great platform to learn more and get inspired.

There are plenty of nail art types for you to choose for any of your occasion; nail art can make you look stunning.

2. Style your hair

Your hair represents your personality, so you would certainly want to do justice for how you want to be perceived. Even in movies we see women playing different roles using different hairstyles, this is because it plays a huge role in reflecting their character. If you do your hair well, you can look gorgeous even without any makeup. If you don’t believe it, give it a try!

If just your hair style can have that impact, a little makeup along with it can do wonders!

See what styles suit your hair type and face cut. Then choosing the perfect one for each party will make your outfit complete.

3. Don’t Match Everything

Choosing a perfect outfit should never be about matching everything you wear. For example, a solid red purse will not go along with a red dress anymore. Try using contrasting combinations for your look, which complements each other. Overall, a balanced combination is what you need to close on. Use different accessories with appropriate colors to look appealing.

A completely matched look from the head to toes can make anyone look like they have a costume on. So, find the right balance and your dress can stand out pretty well!

4. Suiting Accessory

Apart from the basic accessories like a purse or necklace, you need to choose sensibly about what would go well with the dress you choose to wear. Some people use everything they have, but usually less is more; it will be highlighted. Select something that complements your dress and use a head gear only when necessary. Because, you wouldn’t want your hair and face to hidden, would you?

If you have neutral-colored clothes, a bold colored accessory will give it a superior look.

Also, consider where you are going and use your judgment to decide what you can use.

5. Try Something New

Most of us have our favorite look that we are recognized by. Consider giving yourself and everyone a surprise! I’m sure that will be the most exciting thing about the party for you. Try doing a completely different hair style or dress up bright if you regularly do light colors. It will make a lot of difference, it’s worth a shot! Sometimes more than just wanting to dress up the best, a surprising look can do more than what you can expect.