50 Cent Brings P.I.M.P. To The Big Screen in Upcoming Flick “Frozen Ground”

October 5, 2015

There's no question Curtis “50 Cent” Jackson, through all his fame and glory believes he's a pimp. He's rapped about it with his hit single P.I.M.P., and through a series of Youtube “Pimping Curly” webisodes, he's even clowned about it, now he's bringing it to the big screen with “Frozen Ground.”

In the upcoming movie, “Frozen Ground,” 50 Cent will play actress Vanessa Huggins pimp. “I’ll be the best pimp she ever has,” 50 Cent joked with Celebuzz while discussing the film at the Motorola Mobility event in New York. “I play Vanessa’s pimp in the movie, and I’ve really been working on it. It was an interesting project and is based on a true story, so there was a lot of information I could use to build the character.”

Scheduled for a December, 2012 release date, “Frozen Ground” is based on the true-life story of an Alaskan pimp turned serial killer named Robert “Butcher Baker” Hansen, who took the lives of over 20 prostitutes throughout the ’70s and ’80s. The film also stars Nicolas Cage and John Cusack.