50 Cent Like That Cranberry Juice Good For Your Insides!

October 5, 2015

50 Cent, in his latest conversation on Food For Thought, appeared so calm, cool and collective sipping on a tall glass of chilled cranberry juice 🙂 rich with Vitamin C, controlling his bladder and preventing the formation of any kinda oral bacteria that can lead to gum disease and plaque… basically keeping his teeth sparkling white for when he smile so bright and non-chalantly.

OK seriously, no kidnin, I just wanted an excuse to put Mr. Curtis Jackson in in the spotlight for a minute on soulfulbeauty.com lolol (yeah I got a thing for 50)…. WHAT?!

The funniest part of this interview is when he does what he does best…. talk shmack… this time when asked:

Do you think you should be the one who is considered the King of New York? 50 responds, “I absolutely am the King of New York. I run this town…. I run New York…. You understand?”

Overall, great interview; smart man!