Alicia Keys’ New Wig Experience is Not a Good Look

October 5, 2015

When I first saw Alicia come out of hiding a few days ago by showing up to one of the Mercedez Benz New York Fashion week shows, the first thing I wondered was, what’s up with her hair? It’s definitely looking pretty depressed.

Then this evening as she appeared on the red carpet in a beautiful eye catching purple dress for the Academy Awards I had to take a second look, WAIT A MINUTE, this girl is wearing a wig. Not a weave, but a wig. Yes, for some people that would be considered very unusual. I can’t recall Alicia ever wearing a wig before. At-least not one as noticeable as this. Afterall, why would she, her hair has always been naturally long and pretty.

I’m not at all insinuating that the wig looks bad, it actually would be nice, almost a perfect match for her if it had a real part. I guess the real question is, does Alicia Keys love herself? Of course she does, that’s why she put a wig on. I’m sure quite a few others would beg to differ.

Max Azria Fall 2009 fashion show
Tent at Bryant Park, New York
February 17, 2009

81st Annual Academy Awards
Kodak Theatre, Hollywood, CA.
February 22, 2009