A Hot Mess: Comedian Tom Green 1990 'Dead Man' Planking

October 5, 2015

The 'planking' trend which appeared to emerge from nowhere has remained a mystery until yesterday when an old 'Dead Man' planking video emerged. It has been revealed that the video is at-least two decades old.

The practice of randomly lying face down and motionless for laughs apparently rose above the underground level only in recent months, with celebrities tweeting photos of their planking pranks.

According to CNN, planking started as early as 1990 by comedian Tom Green when he was an 18-year-old rapper. Green planked three times during a segment on his rap group, Organized Rhyme, broadcast by the Canadian music channel Much Music.

“The point of that video, we did a random, ridiculous thing and made a social comment with it,” Green said. “Will people stop and help you on the street?”

A hidden camera captured the reaction of people on an Ottawa sidewalk eventually crowding around the motionless Green. He finally stood up and walked away after someone suggested calling an ambulance.