A Hot Mess: Gangnam Style Makes Youtube's Most Viewed Video

August 26, 2008

A lot of people have ways to manipulate the system and create an illusion that is not real. This is what I want to believe when I hear that the following video “PSY Gagnam Style” has made Youtube's most viewed video to date. However, considering it's been thoroughly reviewed by just about everyone, including Youtube administrators, it has to be something seriously relevant.

The video has currently garnered more than 850 million views in a four month period. The reason for the attraction to the video is a mystery. It has everyone, including Bill O'Reily talking about it, and with over 5 million likes on the video, it's really not a question, it's a fact that it's simply genius.

To sum up the concept, I can only think of two words: Gangster Goofy. Well, maybe three words if you add colorful. The rest you would have to witness for yourself.

Food For Thought: Gangnam is considered the wealthiest and most educated city in South Korea. Gangnam is also home to many IT and other internet-related companies including NC Soft and Pandora TV, and is one of the strong hubs of the country's financial and banking sectors. Many international companies operate key offices in Gangnam, including Google, IBM, Toyota, and AMI. Major entertainment companies like SM Entertainment and JYP Entertainment are based in Gangnam. Residential areas in Gangnam are known to be home to a large number of elected officials and celebrities as well.