A Look Inside The Pages of ESSENCE’s New Hot Hair Issue

October 5, 2015

It turns out that ESSENCE’s Hot Hair Emergency I posted a couple of months ago panned out well, and everyone who was working on the problem can finally breathe. The magazine’s first ever Hot Hair Issue hit stands yesterday, Oct. 12 and it’s filled with hot hair topics and information we can all use and appreciate.

For the first issue of Hot Hair, singer Monica had the privilege of landing the cover spot. Inside, ESSENCE highlights the unique relationship between African-American women and their hair from root to tip, and features several celebrity hairstyles, quotes, and how-to’s.

In honor of the magazine’s 40th anniversary, the issue also features the best beauty salons and a “40 Years of Hair” retrospective as well as some of the latest in coloring, styling, hair accessories, healthy hair rituals, money-saving tips, and so much more.

Hair enthusiasts will be able to further enhance their hair experience by immersing themselves within a variety of engaging, informative, trend-focused experiences on ESSENCE.com via its Hot Hair Destination page — which will feature look books, hair tips, shopping lists, a “try on” tool where readers can experiment with new looks at no cost and other insights into African-American hair.

Behind The Scenes: Monica’s Signature Short Haircut


Braid Styles: Goapele


“ESSENCE understands the special relationship African-American women have with their hair. We know that she will travel to the far corners of the globe for the perfect product and hairstyle,” said ESSENCE Beauty Director Corynne Corbett. “It is our goal to have Hot Hair to serve as a one-stop resource for African-American women to help her find timeless tips on keeping her hair healthy and gorgeous.”

On a side note: Now that ESSENCE have accomplished the goal of successfully publishing their first “Hair Issue,” maybe now they can focus on assisting their interns a bit better on how to approach the public in times of immediate need? without coming off as being offensive and expecting free handouts. **Just saying…