Alexyss Tylor: “Power” For Grown Folks Only

August 14, 2008

YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED: Alexyss Tylor speaks the truth and doesn't stutter when she speaks about the power of the P and D. The following video, while it may seem personal and crazy, it's actually inspirational. I stumbled across it while browsing vids on The Secret and The Laws of Attraction.

I'm Saying: Sometimes we're in denial and we need to hear “the right thing” (notice I said the right thing) to keep us in control of our emotions and aware of why we're doing what we're doing.

The funniest part in this video is at the end where the lady says… “When the D is coming at you at full force, a girl don't stand a chance!  (hold your head, pull your hair, pace the floor back and forth) So I'm gone have to stay prayed up!  I got to keep standing in the Lord. I got to ask Jesus to keep me everyday.”

LOL… Real Talk. The Remix Here (The D Will Make You Slap Somebody)