Alicia Keys ‘The Barber’s Daughters’ Jewelry Collection

October 5, 2015

Alicia Keys has teamed up with Canadian designer Gisele Theriault in a jewelry line called ‘The Barber’s Daughters,’ which features silver and gemstone pieces with quotes and poetry from iconic figures such as Gandhi, Buddha and Shakespeare.

“There’s a gorgeous cuff, it’s so beautiful, and it says ‘I am a superwoman!’,” laughed Keys after launching the collection in New York this week although it does not go on sale until 2010.

Keys, 28, said as a songwriter, the progression from putting words with music, to inscribing jewelry, seemed natural.

“As a lyricist I love words and I love things that kind of … hit you so hard to the heart,” Keys told Reuters Television.

“I realized that this was another way to reach out to people and to really bring them inspiration in some way. If people tell me how much they love my music because it’s gotten them through a certain time in their life, I felt like this was an extension of music.”

“The words, when you read them, they really do resonate with you. They kind of inspire you to want to find that place in yourself,” she said, sporting a silver oval ring that read: “May you find inspiration and meaning soaked in the wonders of the imagination cradled in compassion of the heart and hold a will to make difference.”

The jewelry line is being sold through the Collette Blanchard Gallery in a temporary ‘pop-up’ shop on Manhattan’s lower east side. The pieces range from necklaces and earrings, to watches, cuffs and bracelets, and are priced from $85 to $2,500.

To view more of this collection visit: The Barber’s Daughters