Antoine Dodson Adds His Flavor to the Millions of Milkshake Menu

October 5, 2015

The paps are having a field day with the world’s newest celebrity figure, Antoine Dodson, but not anymore than Dodson having a blast being a natural born fame whore. He was recently spotted at Millions of Milkshakes in Los Angeles, where he joined the rest of the celebs who have added their own flavors to the menu.

During his visit, he not only had the time of his life creating his signature shake, he also shared a few words, along with actress Kali Hawk, for teens who are on the edge of committing suicide.

His message: Don’t be afraid to speak out. “If you speak out, you will get heard. If you feel like no-one loves you, you call WAFF, or you call 48 Hour News or WHOEVER, and I guarantee you I’m gone look for you and we gone have you happy, cause we love you. Now you run and tell that homeboy!”