Are People Plain Crazy to Believe In Ghost or Are Ghost Real?

October 5, 2015

First up we have Dr.Justina Ford, the first African American female doctor west of the Mississippi who allegedly lurks around at the Black American West Museum in Denver where she once lived.  She is said to have treated her patients here; the many who couldn't get care elsewhere because of discrimination or poverty.

“Every single person who has volunteered here at the museum has experienced something,” said Lawanna Larson, museum executive director.

The official results of the paranormal investigation are still pending. Even if they can't convince the skeptics, they won't dissuade the believers.

In a more disturbing case, we have a man by the name of Ubong Enah Willie from Nigeria who's two children dropped dead from the powers of evil spirits during a house blessing.  The pastor blessing the house also died days after falling into a coma.

As the story goes, after Ubong bought a house against prior warning by some men of God that he consulted about the dangers inherent in procuring the land and building on it. Ubong explained that as a devout Christian, he invited a team of prayer warriors to cleanse the house of demonic and satanic powers and presence. Convinced of their divine anointing to uproot satanic powers, he said the pastors swung into action, binding and casting out demonic forces with him and his family members in attendance.

However, midway into the prayer session, Ubong said the whole exercise changed, and tragedy struck. According to him, he said that just as the prayers were going on, evil spirits invaded the building, shutting the doors and invincibly hitting everybody present with what was like a hammer, killing two of his four children instantly an leaving his wife and others seriously injured.

The pastor who led the prayers, he said died few days after while another member of the prayer team till date has lost sensation in his right hand. In his own words, the embattled Ubong said: “I bought the land with my hard earned money although I was warned against buying it. After the purchase, I went ahead to start building on it. At the end of the day, I was able to put up a 3-bedroom apartment. As a Christian who believes in committing everything into the hands of God, I invited some pastors to come and pray over the house before we move in.

“On the day that they came, my family and I were around. Surprisingly, as the prayer was going on, I just experienced a strange feeling all over me and I felt like I had rashes all over my body. As I was wondering over what was happening, others were also having their own very unpalatable experience. There was no way out for any of us because everywhere was locked. At the end of it all, my two children died immediately. One of the pastors died about three days after.”