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Serena Williams: Excessive Lace Front Wear and Tear or Excessive Hair Loss?

Tennis star Serena Williams is good for wearing wigs and weaves, and most of the time they look pretty decent. This time, however, something went wrong. Why do I say that, you ask? Because, as you can clearly see from the images below, she's showing off a huge bald spot.

Now, I'm no wig, nor weave expert (I tend to focus more on healthy hair), but something tells me that either Serena has worn her hair piece so much that she's experiencing excessive wear and tear, OR somebody plucked the hairs out the center of her lace front.

Either way, I seriously doubt the bald patch we see in the photos above are a result of her own natural hair loss. Afterall, what sense would it make to wear a wig or weave, if hair loss of that particular magnitude can't be covered?
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