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NEW Patti LaBelle Wig Collection

Glam up in seconds with the premium quality styles from the "Patti LaBelle Collection" available only from Especially Yours®

''I love to change my hair often and wigs and hair pieces allow me to do this.", said Ms. LaBelle.

Living legend Patti LaBelle is almost as well known for her style and stunning hair, as she is for her authentic talent! It's no surprise though: she was the first to step out in several eye-catching hair styles, which then became the next trends. Who can forget that elegant bun? She wore it gracefully on the side of her head, and then boldly on top of it! Or her recent feathered short crop? It was warmly highlighted with earthy tones and looked amazing!

And now Patti is launching her own line of quality wigs and hair pieces to provide women with a quick and convenient way of glamming up without spending many hours -or dollars -in a salon! The "Patti LaBelle Collection" will appear exclusively in the Especially Yours® catalog and website (, and feature stunning styles designed by Patti herself. Everything in the collection will be made to the highest standards using either premium human hair (for those who like to style, curl or change their look frequently); or the best quality synthetic hair (for those who are always on the go and prefer ready-made styles).

Women will be thrilled with the variety of styles to choose from with The "Patti LaBelle Collection". There will be 10 signature Patti styles to choose from. "Ageless Beauty", "Black Majesty", "Dynamite Diva", "Enchanted Evening"', "Flame" and "Sunday's Best" in synthetic hair; and "'Lady LaBelle", "Lovely Lady", "Patti Fab", and "Sassy LaBelle" in 100% human hair. Each will be available in a selection of stunning brunettes, reds and highlights, and some in Patti's custom blended colors, not available elsewhere! Women will not believe the fantastic value either. Prices for the highest quality synthetic hair styles will begin at just $49, and at $99 for the premium human hair styles!

The "Patti LaBelle Collection" is the latest exclusive from Especially Yours®, the leading catalog and website for wigs, hair pieces and fashion for African-American women in the United States. Designed for women to attach and style conveniently at home, the products from Especially Yours® can give women the professional, glamorous, spent-days-in-a-salon look of many celebrities, for a fraction of the time and cost!

Synthetic hair styles
Ageless Beauty Wig by Patti LaBelle
Black Majesty Wig by Patti LaBelle
Dynamite Diva Wig by Patti LaBelle
Beauty Wig
Majesty Wig
Diva Wig
Enchanted Evening Wig by Patti LaBelle
Flame Wig by Patti LaBelle
Sunday's Best Wig by Patti LaBelle
Enchanted Evening Wig
Flame Wig
Best Wig

100% Human hair styles

Lady LaBelle Human Hair Wig by Patti LaBelle
Lovely Lady Human Hair Wig by Patti LaBelle
Lady LaBelle
Human Hair Wig
Lovely Lady
Human Hair Wig
Patti Fab Human Hair Wig by Patti LaBelle
Sassy LaBelle Human Hair Wig by Patti LaBelle
Patti Fab
Human Hair Wig
Sassy LaBelle
Human Hair Wig
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