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Natural Organic Hair Extentions

We've all heard of synthetic hair extentions.  We've all heard of natural human hair extentions.  Not too many of us are educated on the new hair science of natural organic hair extentions and what we can do with it.  In fact, people are so confused by this new hair that they can only believe that it's synthetic hair and not worth buying for a head full of weaving.  Alot of people are even more confused to believe that it's a hair product created by R&B singer Brandy when in fact for a cool $2 million she only endorses and promotes it.

I was probably the most confused on weather the hair was by Outre' or Ultima?  Ooooooops.  As my late great grandmother would say:  "Who Dat, Say Who Dat, When I Say Who Dat?"

According to Outre', Ultima hair is a patented revolutionary new and different kind of hair product developed through years of advanced research and state-of-the art technology. Ultima is the “only” man made hair that is completely organic, and made from an all natural source, collagen protein.

Used primarily for weaves and extensions, Ultima has many characteristics similar to human hair, and can be curled and blow-dried to withstand repeated washing, and combing without losing its natural look. We call this unique feature “Ultima's Restorability”

When it comes to beautiful hair, you get the natural look and feel of human hair, without the color and texture inconsistencies found in many types of human hair extensions.

The Ultima collection currently features six different hair textures with lengths ranging from 12” to 24”long. Ultima's color palette consists of over 35 colors, from blacks, browns, reds, honey blondes and so many more in between.

Ultima is distributed exclusively through Sensationnel and Outre. The leaders in the hair products industry. Ultima is sold under the name of Pro10.

Pro10 is the key product in today’s market as human hair availability decreases.  Developed with “Quality Hair” in mind, Outré created a unique hair product available in the whole world.

Pro10 is NOT a Synthetic Hair nor is it Human Hair.

It is the FIRST and ONLY protein Hair made from a natural source

There are no synthetic components to Pro10. It is made of 100% pure collagen.Pro10 is the New Category Hair for the new generation.

Pro10 is a solution to today’s decrease in Human Hair raw materials sources and increase of human hair cost.

Pro10 offers unlimited possibilities for the hair industry.

Pro-10 is the future hair for the next generation superior to any fiber.

Pro10 2007 Hair Idol finals with Brandy

 Latest Hair Styles Created Using Pro10

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