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Erykah Badu Takes Her Own Butt Naked "Ho-Shit" Advice

With so much controversy surrounding Eryka Badu's latest video "Window Seat" where she removes all of her clothes while walking along the path where JFK was shot, now would be as good of time as any to take a step back and listen as she clarifies how she really feels about stripping butt naked and being different in the entertainment industry.

In Case You Missed It: Erykah Badu's "Window Seat"

In an excerpt of the IFC documentary, Before the Music Dies, Badu goes in on music industry standards stating:

“If you really wanna rocks somebody’s world and make it in the business, you gotta get you an ass implant. Get you some calf implants too if you gon’ be wearing those stilettos. You need to get your hair long if you can. If you can get your scalp cut off and get you a whole 'notha scalp.... and you got to wear stilettos, you got to, I don't care how old you are (12, 11) you got to do it. Create your own publicity. Do some ho shit, you know. Do it, do some ho shit. If you are a woman, you have to tounge kiss another woman if you wanna make it, you got to do it. You have to. Just be butt naked somewhere - butt naked with glitter on you and a beeper. I mean that's the one I thought up... you know... somebody else can do that. All you do is show up with your long hair and your breast and make sure your cleavage is down to here at-least... well go on down to here now, because 2006 is butt naked Wednesday's. You got to sell your Coca-Cola, and your Chips-A-Hoy, and your Nabisco, and your Super Deluxe Tampons, and THEN, you figure out how to fit the music in, and it bet not be over 4-minutes long or they're gonna cut it."

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