Ateyaaa: Hair Breakage; Perm and a Sew-In Weave

December 10, 2011

I'm not sure if any of you are familiar with Ateyaaa or not, but she runs a pretty popular youtube hair and makeup blog.

The only problem that I have with it (not her) is that many people take to her advice and use her techniques without understanding that just because certain things work for her, doesn't mean that it will work for them. But, to credit her some, she does state that in many of her videos.

I'm also not a big fan of the products she uses, but hey – if it works “that's all that counts.”

Keep in mind that Ateyaaa is not a professional, just someone who enjoys doing her own hair and makeup as well as creating “how to get the look” youtube videos.

One of her latest videos shows how her hair has broken off in a few areas, and if you've watched some of her earlier videos IMO it looks like it may have thinned out some. She admits the breakage was from improper removal of a sew-in weave, but for the most part she's pretty courageous for displaying her loss, especially after building such a loyal following.

Here's what one commenter had to say, and in my opinion again, the comment is pretty relevant considering the circumstance:

“I cannot believe after all of what you've gone through your plan is to put a relaxer in your hair after recent breakage then put braids in freshly relaxed already damaged hair &/OR pull freshly relaxed already damaged hair back into a tight ass weave ponytail. QQ!?…The sad part is there are hundreds of people whom are natural followers in RL, who watch your Vlogs and are following your regimens & take your advice on hair care.They too will be forever bald headed just like you..*smh*”

“P.S. Lay off the stressful activities (chemicals,weaves,etcs) & let your hair grow for about a month THEN get braids. Whereem for 2 yrs & gradually cut all the relaxed hair off in between rebraiding.You need to start completely over.  Maybe after experiencing a thick healthy head of hair you wont even want to start back putting relaxers in it.A blowdryer gets hair as straight as a relaxer does no matter how nappy the hair. Follow up with a flat iron and WOW. Looks like you have a relaxed head of hair.”

(watch the video)