Author of Age Less and Live More Gives Healthy Living Tips

October 5, 2015

Bernando LaPallo is aging less and living more at 109 years old and healthy. As the author of the book “Age Less and Live More,” LaPallo believes his clean lifestyle is why he's still alive.

“Well, I don't think I know that eating…. it's what you eat. You've heard people say 'you are what you eat,' well you are,” he tells

As part of his secret to longevity LaPallo eats primarily raw fruits, veggies and fish. Meat is a treat only once a year. He also takes Superfood vitamins, reads daily, walks a mile and a half as soon as he gets up, and his favorite product to use on his skin is virgin olive oil.

On August 17, LaPallo started his day off grateful as he sang Happy Birthday to himself via his blog (Yes, he blogs). And while feeling pretty good he says:

“I’m still traveling, still speaking in public, working on my second book and still drinking my Superfood every morning. I have no plans to slow down, so stay tuned for what’s next.”

Fox Phoenix interviewed LaPallo on his birthday and he said he wants to one day open a restaurant in the valley with raw foods on one side and healthy American food on the other. But for his birthday, all he wanted to do was celebrate another year of life.