Battle of The Sexes: Can Men Be Monogamous In Relationships?

October 5, 2015

Last week during a segment of Battle of the Sexes, TV Tionna Smalls (MTV’s Girl Get Your Mind Right) and Steve Santagati tried to decide if men are capable of being faithful. Sadly, in today's world, more women are programmed  to believe, and accept the idea, that no man is equipped to be monogamous. However, according to Smalls, there's a big difference in a little bit of cheating, and being a flat out dog about it.

“It’s nothing wrong with a little bit of cheating,” said Smalls. “I understand what you’re saying. […] Men are going to cheat. If you put this in your mind, that men are not going to cheat, you’re fooling yourself. And especially a man with some money, he’s going to cheat… That’s the bad thing. I’m not saying you have to accept it, but you have to respect it. […] You better hope your man is just humping another chick and not falling in love mentally with another chick.  That’s a whole other topic!”

Lucky Brand’s Steve Santagati represented for the men and added that he fully believes that men are capable of being monogamous, you just have to get the guy at the right time:

“Scientifically speaking, men are not genetically programed to be monogamous. However, the best guy you can ever get with is a man that already sowed his oats and has fallen in love with you. And he doesn’t have to stop from cheating, it’s just not in his wheelhouse anymore. That’s the man. So can men be monogamous? Yes. Are we happy monogamous? Yes. It’s very simple when we don’t have to chase anymore. But you gotta get the guy at the right time.

[To Tionna] I don’t meet a lot of women like you. I look at it this way, do on to others, if you want someone to cheat on you, then go cheat.”

Catch a piece of the debate below: