Been Here Done That: Nine Signs That You Are An Old Soul

October 5, 2015

I love oldies but goodies (music), retro fashions, and being alone to reflect on myself, and my surroundings. Although I do talk sometimes, and I will talk, because I can talk, I rarely gossip. I find myself easily annoyed by topics that have little concern with me, and that offer no type of real substance. Some people call me an old soul, but am I really an old soul, or just a person who enjoys a healthy environment with positive vibes?

I've often wondered what is the real meaning of an old soul, and its origin. Is it someone who has been on this earth before, and born again?

Aletheia Luna, of the, describes an old soul as a special kind of person in our world who finds himself alone and isolated, almost since birth. Someone whose existence isn’t from a preference or an antisocial temperament.  This persons outlook on life is vastly different and more matured than those around him.  As a result, the old soul lives his life internally, walking his own solitary path while the rest around him flock to follow another.

Interesting. Luna also shares nine signs that you are an old soul. Find out if any of them relate to you.

1# You tend to be a solitary loner. Because old souls are disinterested in the pursuits and interests of the people in their age groups, they find it dissatisfying to make friends with people they find it hard to relate to. The result is … old souls tend to find themselves alone a lot of the time. People just don’t cut it for them.

2# You love knowledge, wisdom and truth. Yep … this seems a little grandiose and overly noble, but the old soul finds himself naturally gravitating towards the intellectual side of life. Old souls inherently understand that knowledge is power, wisdom is happiness and truth is freedom, so why not seek after those things? These pursuits are more meaningful to them than reading up on the latest gossip about Snooki’s latest boyfriend, or the latest football scores.

3# You’re spiritually inclined. More emotional old souls tend to have sensitive and spiritual natures. Overcoming the confines of the ego, seeking enlightenment and fostering love and peace are the main pursuits of these young-in-body Mother Teresa’s. To them it seems the wisest, most fulfilling use of time.

4# You understand the transience of life. Old souls are frequently plagued with reminders of not only their own mortality, but that of everything and everyone around them. This makes the old soul wary and at times withdrawn, but wisely dictates the way they live their lives.

5# You’re thoughtful and introspective. Old souls tend to think a lot … about everything. Their ability to reflect and learn from their actions and those of others is their greatest teacher in life. One reason why old souls feel so old at heart is because they have learnt so many lessons through their own thought processes, and possess so much insight into life situations from their ability to quietly and carefully observe what if going on around them.

6# You see the bigger picture. Rarely do old souls get lost in the superficial details of getting useless degrees, job promotions, boob jobs and bigger TV’s. Old souls have the tendency to look at life from a birds eye view, seeing what is the most wise and meaningful way to approach life. When confronted with issues, old souls tend to see them as temporary and passing pains that merely serve to increase the amount of joy felt in the future. Consequently, old souls tend to have placid, stable natures as a result of their approach to life.

7# You aren’t materialistic. Wealth, status, fame, and the latest version of iPhone … they just bore old souls. The old soul doesn’t see the purpose of pursuing things that can be easily taken away from them. Additionally, old souls have little time and interest for the short-lived things in life, as they bring little meaning or long lasting fulfillment for them.

8# You were a strange, socially maladaptive kid. This is not always the case, but many old souls exhibit odd signs of maturity at young ages. Often, these children are labelled as being “precocious”, “introverted”, or “rebellious“, failing to fit into the mainstream behaviors. Usually, these children are extremely inquisitive and intelligent, seeing the purposelessness of many things their teachers, parents and peers say and do, and either passively or aggressively resisting them. If you can talk to your child like he/she’s an adult – you’ve probably got an old soul on your hands.

9# You just “feel” old. Before putting a name to what I felt, I experienced certain sensations of simply being an “old person” inside. The feelings that accompany being an old soul are usually: a feeling of world wariness, mental tiredness, watchful patience, and detached calmness. Unfortunately, this can often be perceived as being aloof and cold, which is only one of many Old Soul Myths.

Many of these traits I do have. However, I have never been a social misfit, and quite frankly I don't feel old at all. So, the question remains. Am I an old soul? Maybe, and maybe not. How about you? Are you an old soul? And if so, how old do you think you are?