Best Of New York Fashion Week: DKNY Spring 2012 Collection

October 5, 2015

So far, New York Fashion Week has shown us a whirlwind of new colors to try for Spring. It has also given us a good whiff of floral prints, tribal prints, and more prints all combined with flowing sheer and silky fabrics. DKNY (Donna Karen) nearly blew me away with her breath-taking Spring 2012 collection. Get a glimpse below.

The collection consisting of dresses, bikini wear and cover-ups, matching skirts and two-piece pants sets, as well as light weight colored trenches, and sun blocking hats, were all designed for the fashionista who enjoys simple and comfortable, but also, very bold and classic looks.

There’s definitely something about this collection that just gives me a natural high, and puts me in a really good, energetic mood.