Beverly Hills Fabulous with The Elgin Charles Salon Brings The Drama!

October 5, 2015

If you haven't been keeping up with VH1's Beverly Hills Fabulous with the Elgin Charles Salon crew, you've probably been missing out on some of the most drama-filled action that goes on inside, and behind the scenes of what's considered a middle to upper class hair shop.

In a sneak peak of the latest episode of Beverly Hills Fabulous, Elgin Charles and his staff prove that no matter where you are, be it Beverly Hills, or the Bronx, some people are very difficult to get to know, and even more difficult to work with.

Working with new people is always a challenge, and one thing the stylists point out is that sometimes you just have to know when to keep your mouth shut. This is true! Whether you're new to an environment or not, just come to do what you are suppose to do, and stay out of the drama; period.

Let Sean be the reason to let your hustle be your best friend, and everybody else just a circle to grow in and out of. “I don't do energy, especially if I don't know you,” he says.