Beverly Knight Beauty Secrets and New Makeup Line

October 5, 2015

British soul singer Beverly Knight is launching her own cosmetics line set to hit stores on September 17, 2009.

She sits down with ITN Entertainment and talks about what inspired her to start the line. She says, “it was needed, it was something that needed to happen, so, I may as well be the one to provide it.”

The line, K by Beverly Knight will consist of 15 products with 78 shades ranging from oil-free foundations to eyeliners and highlighters all targeted for the women with dark skin.

In an exclusive interview with Fabulous Magazine, Beverly shares some of her beauty secrets and products she loves to use:

on HAIR “I enjoy doing fun stuff with my hair and once went to the salon with a picture of Debbie Harry from 1979 and asked for the same style! I run straighteners through it every morning to make it look choppy, and use Aussie Frizz Miracle Shampoo, to tame static.”

on FACE “When I was a teenager I struggled to find make-up to match my skin. I looked like a ghost because my foundation was too pale! Now I’ve created my own range for darker skin shades, I use my Light Oil-Free Foundation in Deep Chestnut. It’s the perfect match!”

on BOOBS “When I was in my late 20s I ate for comfort. Over two years I piled on the pounds, but didn’t notice I needed to lose it – until I saw a picture of myself with boobs and a moon face. When the relationship I was in ended, I started to eat sensibly and the weight fell off. I’m a size 6 now.”

on STOMACH “I work out five times a week because keeping my stomach toned helps my voice. If my tummy and back are strong, my posture is better and that keeps my lungs working brilliantly.”

on BUM “My body and butt are in really good nick for my age, but I have to work hard to battle cellulite. As well as gym workouts I’m a sucker for body scrubbing, followed by lashings of Bliss Lemon and Sage Body Butter.”