Beyonce's Trailer Trash “Party” Behind The Scenes Music Video Inspiration

October 5, 2015

Beyonce takes us behind the scenes of her trailer trash “Party” video, where she surprises residents in the area, and even does a few memory makeovers by painting on the side of a motor home.

“The inspiration is trailer trash, ghetto fabulous, out there, edgy, with everything… put the shoes, the jewelry, the bling, everything,” explained Beyonce's stylist.

“I like this video. It’s no choreography, no pressure. All I have to do is party and have a good time,” said Beyonce. “Growing up, I had really amazing parents and I had a great childhood…. We went from nicer homes to being in apartments with our lights cutting off. It didn’t matter where we were ’cause we had love and we had so much fun. It’s great when you don’t have as much how you improvise and you have more fun.”