Big Freedia! New Orleans Sissy Bounce Gender Bending Rap?

October 5, 2015

If “gay rapper” is an oxymoron where you come from, how do you get your head around the notion of a gay rapper performing in a sports bar?

Big Freedia, who by day runs an interior-decoration business, and to fans of the New Orleans variant of hip-hop music known as “bounce,” is a superstar. Bounce? What is Bounce?

Bounce itself has
been around for about 20 years. Like most hip-hop varietals, it’s rap delivered over a sampled dance beat, but it has a few characteristics that give it a distinctively regional sound: it’s strictly party music, its beat is relentlessly fast and its rap quotient tends much less toward introspection or pure braggadocio than toward a call-and-response relationship with its audience, a dynamic borrowed in equal measure from Mardi Gras Indian chants and from the dawn of hip-hop itself.