Salary Depending on Experience?

October 5, 2015

Jeffrey Grogger says that, “speech patterns differ substantially between whites and African Americans. I collect and analyze data on speech patterns to understand the role they may play in explaining racial wage differences. Among blacks, speech patterns are highly correlated with measures of skill such as schooling and ASVAB scores. They are also highly correlated with the wages of young workers.”

In my opinion, it would have been more appropriate to say that people who don’t sound “properly educated” tend to make less than people who do. But all that is crumbled and trashed when Grogger goes on to say that, “Black speakers whose voices were distinctly identified as black by anonymous listeners earn about 10 percent less than whites with similar observable skills. Indistinctly identified blacks earn about 2 percent less than comparable whites.”

So either way, blacks earn less than whites regardless if they’re “properly educated” or not is what it sounds like to me. Nonetheless, education does help.

It also doesn’t take a rocket scientist to see that so much is missing from this research. Such as, where is the job data? What jobs were these people applying for to come up with these analysis? Which apartment complexes (as stated in the report) were turning away “black sounding” callers?

OH, that would be racial discrimination!!! (rolls eyes) a different story? I understand, it’s a sensitive topic to discuss.