Black Folk Don't Bring Their Second Season to New Orleans – Yes They Do!

October 5, 2015

Just like so many cultures that have a list of things they do and don't do, that sets them apart from other cultures, there's a long list of things that black folks don't do. For example, black folks don't explore the wild or the unknown. And while that may be true for the majority of black people, there are many black people who go against the grain.

Now in its second season, “Black Folk Don't,” is a satirical web series directed and produced by Angela Tucker. Through interviews with black people of varying ages and backgrounds on a variety of topics, each episode goes head on with common stereotypes that put black people in a class of their own. “Black Folk Don't” is everything you can possibly think of besides non-educational.

“We’re thrilled to see the success of Black Folk Don’t and excited to take the second season to New Orleans,” said Nonso Christian Ugbode, Black Public Media Director of Digital Media. “We’ve been really invested in reaching new audiences through web interactive projects, and connecting those audiences with public media as a whole. Black Folk Don’t has helped us do just that thanks to Angela’s unique ability to take even tough topics and give them an inviting and casual tone.”

After watching an episode or two of Black Folk Don't, you will more than likely be ready to voice your own opinion on what you believe black people do and don't do.