Black Hair Style and Fashion in The White House

October 5, 2015

Michelle Obama looked pretty fresh and relaxed from head to toe at the White House Poetry Jam. The side swept bangs a real good look for her. She wore white high-water pants paired with silver kitten heels and a pretty, patterned off-the-shoulder top from British label Basso & Brooke’s spring 2009 collection. A real good look.


Now, I have absolutely nothing against natural hair, I’m actually a supporter of the natural hair trend. HOWEVER, some styles I just can’t seem to digest. Some feel as though just because the hair is natural it doesn’t have to still look good — healthy and easy on the public eye.

FACT: Did you know that it takes more time to comb out and style a nappy head than it does to do a full sew in weave? For this reason, some natural styles I simply choose not to work with, especially since there’s a big gap in service charges. Hey, I’m just keeping it real.

Pianist Eric Lewis, one of the several entertainers at the White House poetry jam, goes for the Don King look. On the one hand, I can respect that “white america” can no longer say what is acceptable and not acceptable in terms of how black people wear their hair. Then on the other hand I just CAN NOT appreciate this get up and go creepy crawly hair doo… and to be honest, while the look may be a little more appealing, I’m not that fond of jazz bassist and vocalist Esperanza Spalding’s choice of style either. Maybe if it was just a little bit more accessorized?

elewis espalding

Malia on the other hand, her natural hair twists look comfortable, fresh and clean. And while the look may not be one of my favorite natural hair styles, I can work with it all day any day.