Black History Month: The White House Pays Tribute to Motown (Video)

October 5, 2015

First Lady Michelle Obama invited a group of students from schools all over the country to The White House on Feb. 24, during Black History Month, to experience a special tribute to Motown. She welcomed the crowd by introducing the legendary Smokey Robinson, John Legend, Berry Gordy and others, and thanking them all for being there to spend quality time.

Acknowledging the fact that tributes of this nature is not a typical White House event, The First Lady specifically told the crowd “This doesn't happen often, you do realize that don't you? Not only getting all these gentlemen on the stage together, but the fact that you all have this kind of access… and you're sitting where? In The White House!”

The First Lady explained the idea behind paying tribute to Motown at The White House and inviting the youth to Washington to join them, was to remind the people that when her and Barack Obama first moved in, “They wanted to open the doors as wide as they could,” especially for the youth, she said. “This music series is one of the ways that we're doing that….”

You can listen to more of The First Lady's introductory speech, learn some of the history of Motown, and watch a few performances from Motown legends in the video below.

If this wasn't enough for you, the full tribute will air on PBS stations nationwide on March 1 at 8PT ET.