Black-Owned Company Releases Fat Jack Cream For Erectile Dysfunction

December 9, 2015

Shopping black has been all the talk the last several months, and now some men with sexual disadvantages have even more reason to.

Alpha RX Plus LLC, a black-owned herbal company, has just announced the release of Alpha RX Plus, an all natural cream which assists males in obtaining solid erections through a natural process using herbs, but Fat Jack cream may improve staying power, length, width and firmness of erections.

Some may ask, Scroggins says, “What does all natural mean?” He explains, “It simply means that all ingredients are from the earth and not created artificially in a lab.” Alpha RX Plus products are not considered medicines, but are classified as dietary supplements.

Scroggins says he is very proud of the company’s 96% success rate in defeating erectile dysfunction, and that rate has pretty much remained stable since the company began in 2012. Alpha RX Plus is verified through Dunn & Bradstreet and products are insured through Evanston Insurance.

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