Blame It Spoof Remix (Barack / Michelle Obama)

August 8, 2011

I almost wanna say Barack messed this song up with his non rapping capabilities, but the video was very well put together and the cast selection was really good so it gets a thumbs up from me. I'm definitely rolling with Michelle on this one:

“Times are hard like wood! with a bleak outlook, but don't lose the faith Barack is just not shook.  So stop trippin, cause we gone make it, please stop flippin, just shake it. People taking shots of my clothes, I want you to know, it shouldn't be the focus but I do look fly tho… We can all gleam, turn negative thoughts into positive steam.  If you with us say I! I-I! Red or blue don't matter cause we're not gangs, don't fight… yall better act right!  So if you're with us say I! I, I! I think you get the picture, don't wear what doesn't fit ya.  If the lightbulb just cut on say Ah, Ahh Ahhhh”