Beyonce’s Dereon Deluxe Edition Temporary Tattoo Kit

October 5, 2015

The limited-edition collection of temporary tattoos inspired by Beyoncé have reached the net and are now available at

The collection was created exclusively for Deréon by Tina Knowles, who was so captivated by how good her daughter Beyonce looked in the faux full body tattoo featured in the Dereon Fall 2010 ad campaign, that she worked with Temptu, the Japanese beauty company that made the original tats, to license a limited edition version to sell to the public.

The kit includes a variety of designs including signature Deréon fleur icons, rocker bolts and chains, monochromatic jewel baubles, and seductive spider designs, for a look that exudes 1960s pin-up girl meets futuristic biker chick., and features a unique set of coveted Beyoncé photographs.