Guest Post: Bold Trends To Try for Fall

October 26, 2015

Fall is finally underway. The lower temperatures have arrived, and so have the season’s hottest fashions. That means it’s time for you to pack away your summer clothes, make some room in your closet, and add a few of the newest trends to your wardrobe. But don’t fill your cart with the usual tartan button ups and skinny jeans just yet. This season’s big trends are unique, bold, and not for the fashion timid.

Take a look at a few that you have to try for yourself.

Reminiscent of styles from the Victorian era, everything about this look screams elegance. To pull it off yourself, recommends ruffled, high-neck blouses, ornate dresses of lace and sheer, and vintage, lace-up ankle booties. Keep your hemlines and sleeve length long. And because the style is full of gothic influence, you’ll want to limit your pieces to three colors—white, red, and black. Use similar colors for your makeup when possible to complete the dramatic look.

Geometric Patterns
They’re colorful, they’re funky, and sometimes they can make your eyes hurt, but geometric patterns are back in full force this season. Combinations of different shapes in bright hues of green, orange, blue, and beyond give dresses and slacks unique visual interest. A nod to designs from the 1960s, some are going as far as using the style’s resurgence for confirmation that fashion is indeed a form of “art.”

“Geometries and colors are mixed to give life to items with characteristic fantasies,” notes writer Chiara Manzoni. “Fashion has given rise to new styling idea in the creation of a new colorful visual world.” Not to mention that it looks pretty cool, too.

Bright and Shiny Golds
According to the trends highlighted on, gold is a hot color for the season. You can find gold metallic shades and crystal embroidery on everything from pleated skirts and midi dresses, to the tips of pumps and purse straps. It’s also a popular color for jewelry this season, outweighing white gold and silvers. Try a long, thin lariat necklace, or stacking a few thin, gold rings on each hand to really make your look pop.

They’re not for the faint of heart, but they’re certainly for the fashion-forward. Choose your favorite, and see if you have the bravado necessary to sport one of these adventurous fall trends.