Burning Butts: Anal Bleaching Arrives In Jamaica

October 5, 2015

According to Dr. Neil Persadsingh, a dermatologist and author of “The Hair in Black Women” and “Acne in Black Women” ANAL bleaching has arrived in Jamaica.

“Just last week I saw two ladies who had applied cream to their anus to get a better, lighter color down there and who were badly burnt in the process” says Dr. Persadsingh.

Wow, first it’s the skin bleaching that was being misused and abused, now people are resorting to bleaching their ass and burning themselves in the process?

Dr. Persadsingh’s Thoughts On Anal Bleaching

Why on earth would anyone want to bleach their anus, you ask?

Further checking shows that this is the last remaining area that the cosmetic industry has not penetrated. In the US the practice is widespread, and the cost of an anal bleach is about US $100.

The anus has for a long time been characterized as being a dirty, private taboo. Now the powers that be in the cosmetic industry have zoomed in on this part of our anatomy. Now women will always want to look beautiful all the time and everywhere. But as one ages the areas around the anus tends to get darker as a result of hormonal changes and pregnancy and just old age.

The creams used in anal bleaching contain Kjoyic and Hydroxyquinoine. These are two powerful chemicals and they should be used with care. Anyone who is doing this type of procedure should they experience discomfort or burning or pain should go to their dermatologist right away.

These creams must be applied with great care and expertise as they would be in contact with your most intimate parts.

Some of these creams are also irritants. The people who go in for anal bleaching are those like dancers and models.

Most women carry out the procedure at home but it requires a great deal of expertise. If the anus starts to burn, stop the procedure immediately. You must follow a strict hygienic pattern.

You must wipe the cream inside out and get rid of any residual cream left after application. Wash the area thoroughly, and be careful, it is easy to burn yourself down there.

In the US and the UK this practice is rapidly gaining popularity. Many women feel that anal bleaching is the new trend and they want to be in fashion. Some people will of course ask, will the new skin which rejuvenates be dark? The answer is that some of the creams contain a drug which blocks tyrosinase, a chemical which is essential in the formation of melanin – the pigment in the skin – and therefore the new skin remains light colored.

However, we must ask ourselves, why is it that women cannot accept themselves as they are instead of being full of self-criticism? Why do women feel that every part of them has to be beautiful?

No man who is interested in a woman really cares about how her anus looks and no man is going to take you apart, piece by piece looking for every flaw he can find. Men are just not programmed that way.

In the old days women would stoop and use a mirror to examine their private parts, now they are using digital cameras, especially the cameras in their cell phones. In the old days, we had face lifts then we had tummy tucks, and then breast lifts. Then came botox where we injected poison into the skin to get rid of wrinkles, and then there was laser removal of the hair in the bikini area; and surgical implants to give one hips and buttocks.

Now we have correction of the labia, that is the lips of the vagina just in case they are two big or their shape looks slightly different. You can tweak them, pluck them or remake them. There is also the twofer, which involves reduction of the labia and slight unhooding of the clitoris.

There is also hymenoplasty which replaces the hymen and you can become a virgin again.

There is also g-spot enhancement – in this procedure one expands the g-spot by injecting it with hyaluronic acid or collagen.

If pelvic relaxation is your problem, that is after you have had a child, there is now new laser surgery, which will tighten and reconstruct the vaginal muscles – called a p-lift.

You can now have your nipples enlarged, tattoo on a new lipline and fix those imperfect labia.

It really is a beautiful and new world. I for one wait with bated breath to hear what the pundits will say on this topic of anal bleaching. After all, when our black women were bleaching their skin it was all due to lack of self-worth and a lack of self-esteem, now that white women are bleaching their anus what will they have to say?”