Enjoy Life As A Mystery Shopper

Enjoy Life As A Mystery Shopper

Life as a mystery shopper can be pretty interesting, considering the enormous amounts of shops that are available. Choosing the right shops and the right people to work with can be very rewarding.

What exactly is a Mystery Shopper you ask?

Mystery Shoppers go into businesses as customers. The purpose of Mystery Shopping is customer satisfaction reporting. The shopper interacts with employees, by making a making a purchase at a retail or service business. It is necessary for shoppers to complete an evaluation form describing what happened during their visit. Mystery Shoppers get paid for providing this service as an independent contractor.

What kinds of businesses use Mystery Shoppers?
Any business which deals with the public may use Mystery Shoppers. This includes stores, restaurants, bars, banks, hotels, salons, home builders, apartment complexes, gas stations, casinos, auto dealers, auto service centers, movie theaters, health clubs, pet stores, amusement parks, optical providers, websites and more.

That amount of money you earn as a Mystery Shopper can vary depending on how much time you can devote. Many shoppers do this in their spare time, and earn several hundred dollars or more a week. Some consistently earn more. There are Mystery Shoppers who prefer this type of work full time and earn a living this way. It will probably require that you work with many Mystery Shopping companies, perhaps 50 or more to earn enough for full-time wages.

For most companies you are considered an Independent Contractor when performing shops. A good place to start to find Mystery Shopping jobs and all you need to know to become a successful Mystery Shopper would be MSPA North America.

Although you don’t have to become certified to be a Mystery Shopper, it’s definitely not a bad idea. Most companies will choose a certified shopper over others for quality work.

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