FLOW Industry Healthy Hair Growth Business Opportunity

FLOW Industry Healthy Hair Growth Business Opportunity

MyFlowIndustry, a brand new four-month old African American-owned company has not only created a nationwide frenzy with its all-natural internal hair regrowth products, but has also created a unique business opportunity you can start today for under $100.

The company, created by Dr. Malikah Murphy has claimed over-night success due to the remarkable results that both women and men are experiencing with their products, which consists of a combination of all-natural teas and vitamin supplements for thinning hair, damaged hair, aging hair, and natural hair transitioning.


MyFlowIndustry, has experienced massive success early due to the unique fact that once their customers grow hair again, they don’t have to continue using the system to maintain results.



As you can see from the photos above, positive testimonies are pouring into the corporate office daily from women and men expressing their appreciation and their excitement about selling the products. After speaking with some of the African American Independent Business owners within the company, the biggest reason why they decide to come on-board is because they love the company’s story. “They feel good to be a part of a company that is owned by an African American woman who could have easily went retail but considered the economic situation of African Americans, and created a business model for them that requires no experience or college education. The only thing required is sharing the products,” which can be found here.

For more information about the company, its business opportunity, and healthy hair growth products, visit rep.myflowindustry.com.

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