Grow Your Dough Challenge With Motif Stock Porfolios

Grow Your Dough Challenge With Motif Stock Porfolios

Knowledge of the market is the number 1 reason more people shine away from stock investing, but with technology and new investing concepts, things are definitely changing.

For example, Motif Investing, an innovative online broker makes it easy to choose the right stocks. The simple to use platform offers informative articles, market updates, and allows users to trade multiple stocks (up to 30 per motif), or exchange-traded funds (ETFs) that fit a theme (of your choice) for a single, flat fee. A big advantage over many brokers that charge a fee for every trade.

According to a survey done by Ariel Investments released this year, more than two-thirds (67%) of African-Americans are now investing in the stock market, but it’s still not at an all time high.

During a recent interview with IBD, Mellody Hobson, president of Ariel Investments stated the reason stocks are now African-Americans’ top-choice investment, is because of the rise in market trends.

“Traditionally, real estate had been African-Americans’ be-all and end-all, the bricks and mortar that we understood and which could provide rental income. But attitudes changed as the real estate bubble burst in the 2007-09 period. That was followed by a rally in the stock market, which had bottomed in ’09. As stocks recovered strongly, people began viewing the market through a more favorable lens… read more


As a current promotion, and to get the ball rolling, Motif Investing is offering $100 cashback after you make your first trade on all accounts funded with $1k. But for those that want to start small, you can simply open an account with a minimum of $300 and get started growing your money today.

Get your feet wet, and learn more about Motif Investing at

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