How Black Businesses Are Being Destroyed by Others

How Black Businesses Are Being Destroyed by Others

It’s a fact, most people are looking for a way to save a dollar on products and services they want, and unfortunately it’s even at the expense of not supporting their own. Black businesses are in need of more loyal and repeat customers.

In the following video a London based beauty supply owner shares her experience on how big industry giants are destroying black businesses by offering products at prices much lower than the majority can afford to. She explains how one customer came into her store to buy a product that wasn’t available so she went out onto the high street. The customer returned informing her of how the business owner was trying to destroy her by offering anything in their store at a cut price of what she was offering. She goes on to say the guy on the high street actually said he wanted to crush her business. Watch the video below.

It’s not easy being a black business owner. From the difficulty of being able to obtain financing to get a business off the ground, to something as simple as someone buying the products to keep the business going and growing, African Americans are getting snubbed all across the board.

What are your thoughts? Do you think black business owners sell their products at higher prices compared to others? If so, why do you think that is?

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