38 Black Entrepreneurs Who Made It Happen

It’s easy to sit and think about what you want to do, but how you make it happen is the story to be told. Tech.Co reached out to modern-day black business owners and asked them to share with us stories on their entrée to the world of entrepreneurship.

Brandon Byrd, Founder of Goodies Frozen Custard & Treats


“I believe that entrepreneurs have an internal compass that allow them to not only be able to visualize the opportunity and potential but also the tenacity to bring a vision to fruition.  It requires discipline and a willingness to sacrifice in the short term.  Entrepreneurship can be learned but I believe that true entrepreneurs are born and traits show up early. I believe we all have entrepreneur aspirations, But circumstances activate that gene.

For me, entrepreneurship started very young (I used to pick up aluminum cans as a kid for extra money. In junior high school 7th Grade, I started selling gummy worms: 10 for $1, and I would net about $150 weekly). However, the defining moment was when I found myself unemployed after working in corporate for many years and straddling the fence of entrepreneurship. Instead of looking for another brand marketing job I felt timing was ripe to dedicate my full attention to entrepreneurship.”


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