Entertainment Travel Network S.E.T.

Entertainment Travel Network S.E.T.

Since 1996, Platinum Enterprise Group Services (PEGS) has successfully provided hotel, party and activity options for various special events that bring between 100K to 400K attendees throughout the country to events – all on a payment plan! Exclusively for web sites such as these:

  • Whatspoppincentral.com
  • SpringReunion.com
  • PartyPass.info


Now it’s time for you to can get your piece of the niche’ market’s pie! The S.E.T. Network is ready to offer these exclusive “special event options” and benefits to:

  • The top referring agent programs ( YTB, Pro travel and the like )
  • Party Planners or Group Organizers
  • People who simply want to make some extra money in travel


Learn more by visiting: http://setnetwork.net

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