C. Rock: The Truth on Love and Relationships

December 30, 2012

Chris Rock goes into how love can make a woman crazy.  He speaks from a man's point of view so a lot of what he's saying is biased but funny none the less.

One thing he says caught my attention.  He says, “Women like to save up sh** to complain about. Oh he don't even know I know, but Imma get his a** on that shit next month.”

Ok, tell the truth ladies.  Does he have this backwards or what?  I find what he says to be just the opposite, but to be fair, in some cases it's equally the same. To me it seems most men don't really express how they really feel until he get's mad.  That's when he starts bringing up things from way back yonder.  A woman can't help but to think, what is wrong with this man?

So on that note, he couldn't be far from the truth when he says that the #1 reason a woman is always mad at her man is because he really aint her first choice to begin.  In this case, he may be the first choice, but at this point, she's having second thoughts.

“In her mind she's thinking, how did I end up with this ugly mutha fu**a?  Oh, lord this muth fu**a is UGLY and STUPID.  I had a good man and I blew it.  Damn Lord, kill my man.  Kill him please.  Kill him while I still look good enough to get something new.  Please kill this mutha fu**a NOW.  Strike him… Strike him… If you out there Lord, strike this motha fu**a dead.”

Seriously, there's nothing worse than a man that mentally abuses you and constantly uses the things you say and do to haunt you later.  That's just ugly.  Real ugly.  If it's something about what a person says and does that you don't like, don't wait until later to express how you feel.  It's all about good communication.  That's how healthy relationships last.