Cause for Precautions: Woman In Coma After Applying L’Oreal Hair Dye

October 5, 2015

Experts are expressing concern over the safety of L’Oreal hair dye after a woman in England has slipped into a coma after using the product. 38-year-old-Julie McCabe (shown below) had been using the product for several years, but after applying it this past October, she was rushed to the hospital saying she couldn’t breathe. She is currently on life support and her doctors say they believe she suffered a severe allergic reaction.

Para-phenylenediamine is said to be part to blame for McCabe’s condition. The chemical is found in 99% of all hair dye’s, and is known to cause an allergic reaction (usually mild) in one out of every 250,000 people, although it doesn’t always occur the first time it’s used.

The family have since been in contact with a hair and scalp specialist who claims that an allergy to hair dye increases as a result of cumulative exposure to PPD. The doctor’s have since shaved McCabe’s head to stop the PPD from penetrating her scalp, but have also determined that if she survives, she will more than likely suffer from permanent brain damage, the Daily Mail reports.

Naturally, her family is devastated. “I promise for the sake of my daughter and other women to get this chemical outlawed in Britain,” said McCabe’s father. “I don’t want this happening to anybody else’s daughter or wife.”

L’Oreal has expressed their concern for the situation, and has issued to the following statement:

“L’Oreal was extremely concerned to hear about this serious situation…. We do not know the details of the case so it would be inappropriate for us to comment further, however we will do everything we can to assist this lady’s family and medical team with information they might need to establish what happened.”

NOTE: It is recommended that a patch test be performed before applying any chemicals to the hair.