Celeb Style: Alicia Keys ‘Alexis Bittar’ and Lil Mama

October 5, 2015

Alicia Keys joined 106 and Park today, September 16, 2009, and spoke briefly on her experience at the VMA’s where rapper Lil Mama jumped on stage uninvited during a performance she was giving with Jay-Z. Keys tells 106 and Park that she just had to get it out of her system (basically let it go). Keys asked the question, “how does that feel exactly?” referring to how Lil Mama felt hopping on stage. Keys goes on to say she didn’t know how Lil Mama felt, and the question should be referred to Lil Mama – which it should, because only she knows what was going on in her mind when she decided to do what she did.

But all that hoopla aside, my focus during Keys appearance on 106 and Park was on the bracelet she was wearing. The piece is by Alexis Bittar, and besides being quite the eye catcher, Keys let it be known that it serves a very cryptogenic purpose for keeping them haters backed up off her.

While I’m not too sure if I could get away with rocking one of those bracelets without hurting somebody, please believe, I sure would try.