Celeb Style: Latest Beyonce Fashion Photo Shoot

October 5, 2015

This is Beyonce’s latest photo shoot with a well renown photographer by the name of Tony Duran. Beyonce is wearing signature pieces from the Valentino, Yves Saint Laurent, and Gucci Fall 2008 collection.

It was recognized that she’s wearing the same pair of Gucci “Warrior” boots that Rihanna was wearing on the cover of InStyle Magazine just last month.

Honestly, is anybody really surprised that we’ve found yet another celebrity wearing the same thing as everyone else in the Hollywood circle? The Gucci “Warrior” boots are the hottest boots out right now.

What I wonder is, just how many designer goods do celebs get for free, and just how many do they choose to buy on their own?

On another note, it really seems to me that Beyonce has been looking rather bland lately (like she’s not happy or something is wrong)??? Hummmm

In any event, with her new album coming out in November, I guess the new photos are right on time for all the free promotional hype that goes on throughout the blogosphere.

For the complete photo shoot visit, www.beyonceworld.net