Rihanna Proves Plus Size Curvy Is The New Black

October 5, 2015

Rihanna is definately a trendsetter, there’s no denying that. She stays in the media sporting all the latest runway trends, and arranges her ensembles in a way that classifies her as being quite unique. Her style is very vintage and sexy. However…. when I first saw this recent photo of Rihanna, my first thought was – even though it may be cute – that is NOT her booty.

Sure, it’s true certain jeans fit better than others, but body figures simply do not change over night. Therefore, I remain convinced she’s got a secret and needs to identify that ass!

I hate to assume that Rihanna is wearing a butt pad, but considering curvy is said to be the new black, I have no reason not to believe that the rising fashion icon is on top of the game.

According to Bubbles Bodywear, padded underwear made with the non-bootylicious in mind:

“The days of heroin chic are far gone, replaced by the popularity of the healthy hourglass silhouette. This is great news for women who were born with a naturally curvy profile and for those who spend countless hours walking, running or squatting their badunkakdunk away.

But what about those women who are not naturally endowed with a shapely backside? They need not worry! Bubbles Bodywear has pioneered the innovative industry of Booty Boosting. Yes – Booty Boosting. Karen Jones, President of Bubbles Bodywear, says that “there are many women out there who wish they had the trendy curves of Hollywood starlets like Scarlett Johansson and Jessica Alba.”

Until now, the only options for these flat-bottom girls were contraptions that looked like grandma’s girdle or men’s football pants. Bubbles Bodywear recognized this void in the market and began creating fashionable and attractive padded panties and butt bras in 2003, just about the time that the “J-Lo” nickname became the standard adjective for a big booty.”

I’m just saying…… *shrugs*