Celeb Style: Trey Songz Rocks Out in Christian Louboutin by Swizz Beatz

October 5, 2015

It’s show time for Swizz Beatz and his Christian Louboutin clothing and shoe line. Beatz, who recently collaborated with Christian Louboutin, tells MTV he met the famous designer about two years ago sitting on a boat, and what he thought would be a 10-minute conversation turned into 6-hours and a tennis shoe collaboration. “And now… it’s show time,” said Beatz. Since that time, Beatz has also collaborated with a line of Christian Louboutin coats and other accessories.

Singer Trey Songz appears to be the first to represent the line by making an all out appearance on the Chelsea Lately Show on Nov. 17 wearing Christian Louboutin by Swizz Beatz from head to toe.