Celeb Style: Tupac Shakur Repping the 80’s From Head to Toe

October 5, 2015

Nevermind who the mack daddy is hogging up the photo with a human hand stand to support his back… focus your attention to the left. YES, that’s ya boy Tupac Shakur back in the late 80’s while attending Tamalpais High School in Mill Valley, California. What was he wearing, you ask?

In today’s world, you can pick up a pair of grafitti jeans just about anywhere already pre-written on, or airbrushed, but back in the day, we wrote on ours with marker pens and plain ink. As you can plainly see, Tupac was no exception to the rule. He mixed and matched with his jacket wrapped around his waist, and sported rips and patches in his jeans. He paired it all off with no name brand shoes, and a hairstyle that only he knew about.

And oh yeah, check the bracelet. He really made the look a style of his very own. R.I.P Tupac, we miss you.