Celebrity Body Parts Takes On a Life of Their Own via Twitter

October 5, 2015

There's no doubt that the social networking site Twitter has become one of, if not the most entertaining communities on the web. The celebrity drama that it brings alone is enough to keep a gossip blogger busy day after day after day.

The place where voices are sure to be heard, Twitter has managed to attract not only celebrities, but people from just about all areas of life, including die hard celebrity groupies and of course celebrity haters who create accounts solely to make fun of their targeted party.

For example, names such as Whitney Houston's crack pipe, 50 Cent's Arm, LeBrons Hair Line, Alicia Keys Zit, Drake's Knee, Teyana Taylor's Mustache, and Brandy's Hairline just to name a few, all have voices of their own. What's even more interesting is they all seem to have a fair amount of followers who they converse back and forth with proving to us all that the devil is definitely hard at work.

Charie Hopkins of The BVX has the full story when you…