Matching Bold Hair Colors to Darker Skin Tones

October 5, 2015

Forget about feeling different for trying something new and exciting with your hair. There’s nothing wrong with being bold. Experimenting with a variety of shades has become the thing to do. You definitely wouldn’t be the only one.

R&B singer Amerie is the latest celebrity to test her inner diva and go from dark hair to light blonde. She stepped out with her new look last night while hosting the Grey Goose 7th Annual Black Affair in Dallas, TX.

“I’ve always wanted to go platinum blonde, and I figured I’d finally just do it,” Amerie said in an interview with Rap Up magazine. “One of the things that inspired me are photos I’ve seen of children in the Solomon Islands. They are very brown-skinned, and a lot of them grow white-blonde hair naturally. The contrast in dark skin tone and extremely light hair is really beautiful to me. So I just went for it!”

Other celebs who have recently or at some point challenged their wild sides by going blonde are Mya, Cassie, Tiny, Christina Milian, Keyshia Cole, Beyonce, Keri Hilson, and of course the dark skinned queen blondie of them all, Mary J. Blige.

Although going bleach blonde has been known to be the most time consuming, risky and overall damaging processes when it comes to coloring the hair, with all the new products on the market that claim to simplify things, along with the right guidance and proper care, it doesn’t have to be a total nightmare. For best results, visit a stylist who specializes in hair color, or play it safe and just do a wig or a weave!